I’ve been taking the time to read…

For all your words… and expressed desire… and quoted lyrics…

I’m gobsmacked how you seem to pass over the simplest notion any one artist ever brought forth into this world…

All you need is love, Scarlett.

It’s truly all you need.



If you’re changing for your own better, mustn’t it include the better of others? Aren’t we all out to please

No.  The betterment of others is not your responsibility. The why is simple… you know not how they vibrate. You don’t really know their deepest intentions and what they’re trying to do.

To transform oneself is to be self-ish. You must first draw from the well to nourish your Self. Then, there will be more than enough to nourish others.

I can’t sit back… I can’t sit back and read these things and shake my head. There isn’t a martial artist on the face of this planet that doesn’t train in a chosen craft in a location void of support, peace, and tranquility. Even in the art of self-defense and death, where chaos and madness should rule, masters still train pupils amidst the calm.

If you cannot find peace for yourself in your surroundings, then the artist soul will feel no comfort.

But Scarlett… the secret in all of this isn’t in analyzing time past or future, or even time in the moment. It isn’t about seconds, and minutes, and others and what to do with others.

Hell, the secret isn’t in feeling impulse, either. It’s in… allowing… oodles of impulses to spring forth from your essence without obstacle or interference, and allow their wellspring of creative energy to guide you… protect you… and serve as your light.

The secret…. is in the flow… and paying no mind at all.